Welcome To tapBomb

Our little group has plenty of experience making interactive digital "stuff". We’ve worked in the video game industry for over 15++ years with some of the biggest game companies like Rockstar, EA, Midway (who?), Atari, and many others.


Do you need interactive digital "stuff"? Things that go boom on iOS and Android?

We can integrate into your organization and work with your existing team members throughout any part of the development process.

If you need to start something from scratch, bring big ideas, pitches, build up a team...we got that covered as well.

We’d like to hear from you! [howdy tapbomb]

Our Work

Super Bunny Breakout
For Atari

From the concept art, design, programming, to management——Our team transformed the classic arcade title, Atari's Super Breakout, into a mobile hit!

Word Droppings
For tapBomb

We did the whole enchilada on this one. Word Droppings is a frantically competitive word game with real-time multiplayer for iPhone and iPads. At its release, It hit the "Top 25 Word Games" category on iTunes.

Hamster Hunt
For tapBomb

When Cute Attacks - An ill-fated experiment leaves mutant hamsters on the rampage. Now a mad scientist has to bring out super weapons to stop these crazy hamsters before they overrun the world!

Astro Hook
For tapBomb

An endless "Up" game where you hook and swing from the stars to reach the heights of the cosmos!

For tapBomb

Ace Shot! serves up the next level to the 3D ping PONG experience that takes quick hands and a sharp brain to become champion of the arena!

Previous AAA Expereince

Skate2 EA
DefJam Icon EA
NBA Ballers 2 Midway
Red Dead Revolver Rockstar
Close Combat 2K
Area51 Midway